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Friday, June 4, 2010

Movie wit Cousinsss

"Clumsy" YiYi went to Melaka wit her husband, I went to her house wit my daddy, mommy, meimei n we overnitezzz there, to accompany my cousinsss...^^

We really enjoy de time when de adultsss are not there...:-p

Hou Hou, QiQi, my sis n me...4 of us hide in Hou Hou's bedroom n watch Final Destination 3. Tat really crazy...we turn off all de lightsss, hide inside a big blanket n "enjoy" de movie...:-p
Hou Hou's room is super cool...I wear my jacket n tambah blanket dy but I still feel my body is freezing...T.T

I love to watch HORROR n DRACULA movie...wakakakakazzzz...♥
*but QiQi keep shouting n hide herself behind de pillow, n I keep laughing...:-p*

The movie is nice, bt de problem is they using de PPS to watch...n de line is damn slow...T.T
2 hours movie bt we used almost 4 hours to finish it...
*urghhhhhh...I hate when de movie is lacking*

We finish de movie around 3am...
Then, QiQi n my sis dun dare back to their room n sleep...they scare hav nitezzzmare after watch tat movie...hahaha...they r so cute...♥
So, 4 of us sleep in Hou Hou's bedroom...
4 teenager sleep on a Queen Size bed...I like tat feeling...♥
Although I cant even turn around or move when I sleep, but...I feel so warm...^^

I love spending my time wit my lovely it is a pity tat Peng is not there wit us, if not I sure we will hav more fun...

p/s : wanna take tis opportunity to thanxxx some1 tat keep msg-ing me when de movie is lacking n till de movie end...if nt I sure wait till MAD dy...haha...:-p


  1. sms-ing wit sumone till movie is ended??? dun tel me again tat person is me oh???XP anyway ur cousin is reali cute la..haha..but the FD3 is reali quite horrible la..tats y their will act till so cute..=) anyway..sumone still haven come back from genting like talking to air now...sobz...='( gudnitez la..wan an tze ying..miss u oh!!!=P *I.C.E*

  2. haha...then u gt sms-ing wit me tat tym or nt??
    noe de answer dy bt still ask...*blekkkkk*
    haha...yea yea...they r super cute,i will upload de photo i went genting wit them so u will noe how cute they are...XD
    i back from genting dy lah...n de first thing i did when i step into my house was charge my hp n reply dun sobzzz sobzzz dy,ok??hehe...:p

  3. lolz...i got sms wit u but how i kno u got sms wit others guy anot??? haha..*bluekkk I.C.E* lolz...okie okie...and i wana c ur recent picha too c u got get older bo lao po po!!!XP
    haha...ya la yala..suan u guai guai la dis time..^^ sumore reply me 1st den oni yunyun..happy happy!!!XP

  4. walaueeeeee...u think i m tat kind of person??sms wit many guysssss in so late time???lolzz...sad sad sob sob...>.<
    dun wan upload lah...dun let u c my old old face...:p
    OMG...yunyun sure kill me...T.T


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