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Saturday, November 13, 2010

WaWa's Big Big Day :)

Happy Happy Birthday to my DaJie~~~WaWa...♥

Yesterday was WaWa 22nd birthday, however we are having exam week now, so we don't have much time to plan a surprise birthday for her...:( But, we still manage to give her a small and little surprise...*winkssssssss* ^.*

We told WaWa that we will going to have a simple dinner with her as her birthday celebration. We just can make it on dinner time because WaWa and other JieJie are having their Management Final Exam in the evening...I know it's sound STRESS...but we won't let the stupid exam to spoil our mood...:P

The little surprise we going to give WaWa is on her Birthday Present.
Ting Ting, Jun Jun, YunYun, Kim Kim, SuSu and Me bought a same pattern coat before the day, then we purposely wear it together in front WaWa. Well, my DaJie really got a bit blur blur, it take her some time then only she notice that we are wearing the same coat...hahaha...
She looked shock and said : " Hey, you girlsss are wearing the same pattern of coat!!!" yapssss...we are wearning that to tease you...:P
So, she feel bad and sad coz she don't have the coat we are wearing. Gosh...I really can't continue my acting that time and I wish to laugh on her cute expression. Hehehehe...:P
In the same time, Ting Ting jump out and gave her the Birthday Present. Guessss what?? yea... the Birthday Present is a New Coat...:) and we help her to wear up that new coat, she was so touch and gave everyone a big big hugsss...^^ *mission complete*

JieJiesss are so pretty for the outing today...:)

I'm just so shy to take photo because my wearing was so sucksss today...ish ish...>.<
But Ting Ting have help me to comb a cute cute "ManTou" hair...heheh...

WaWa wish to go to the Book Fair at South City Plaza before we have our dinner. That's good, because we have more time to prepare our second surprise. Actually that just a normal surprise. We going to buy her birthday cake...which she din expect we will prepare a birthday cake for her...:P

But there was another funny story happen when we having our second surprise...=="
When SuSu and Me are busy choosing birthday cake for WaWa, suddenly she and her bf pop out behind us and asking :"Are both of you trying to buy something??" with a evil smile.
SuSu and I feel so panic and we thought the second surprise was I just ask WaWa, since she is here why don't she chosse the birthday cake herself, coz SuSu and I really have no idea in choosing the cake. But WaWa just look so blur that time, she looked innocent and don't understand what I talking about...=="
"They are choosing Birthday Cake for you", said DaJie Fu.
dn only WaWa realise what we are doing...OmG...SuSu and I were so STUNNED that time...=="
Conclusion, our second surprise was fail...again...because I break the surprise myself...SWT...=="

This the Birthday Cake we choose for WaWa, we choose this because this the only cake which have the mix favourite...Cappucino, Chocolate and Almond

WaWa look quite happy happy that day...♥
That's all we want...her happy Smile...:)

The sweetest couple
♥WaWa and DaJie Fu♥
♥Jun Jun and ErJie Fu♥

♥Our dinner at Gasoline, The Mines♥

♥Happy Happy Birthday to our DaJie, WaWa♥
Sisterssssssssssssssssssssssss forever, with our "Uniform Coat"...:P

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